Fawley Hill Steam & Vintage Transport Festival

Get ahead of the crowd! Limited tickets on sale now. Grab yours online using our exclusive discount EarlyBird10 for 10% off. On-site tickets also available over the event weekend.

Gates open:

Fri 17th May 10:00 – 23:30

Sat 18th May 10:00 – 23:30

Sun 19th May 10:00 – 18:00

FREE tickets are available for children 11 and under.

Carers accompanying disabled visitors have FREE entry to the Festival. Special FREE car park area for Blue Badge holders.

Dogs on leads are welcome.

Ticket Types Explained:


available as daily or 3 day pass

Use discount code EarlyBird10 for 10% off - limited tickets

Friday & Sunday  

Adults £15 / Children 12 – 16yrs £8


Adults £20 / Children 12 – 16yrs £10

Please note that the standard ticket does not include tickets for the train or the  museum, these can be purchased onsite (Train £5 | Museum £5), or see the premium ticket which includes this and more… ->


available as daily or 3 day pass

Use discount code EarlyBird10 for 10% off - limited tickets

Premium tickets are £60 per person per day or £150 for the three day premium pass


Catering & Trade

Limited space for exhibits Don't miss out. REGISTER NOW!

Use the button below to register your vehicle exhibit,

NB age limit cut offs:
Astons, Ferraris & Jaguars as young as 2010
All other vehicles as young as 2000

Your entry will include the following:

House Rules

We want to run a happy, safe event that everyone can enjoy so we do have to ask all visitors, exhibitors, traders, providers of services to adhere to our simple house rules. Remember: this is not a public site: this is our home.

In addition, I’m afraid we have boring “legislative stuff” for traders and caterers: attached if appropriate. PLEASE read these rules and adhere to them. ALL entry forms will ask you to confirm that you have read and understood and agree to comply with them.

IN ANY EMERGENCY: Turn to a Marshall, a member of FMS (at the Station) or St. John. Loose children will be taken to the Creche, run by our local Montessori Nursery School. If you need to meet someone or have become separated from your party: there is a designated Meeting Point. Lost property should be reported to the OFFICE. See your site plan.

NO LITTER! Grundons have very kindly given us BINS. PLEASE PUT YOUR RUBBISH in them or TAKE IT HOME!

NO GLASS! You are on grazing land: Glass breaks and can cause horrific injuries to people as well as animals.

NO Fag-ends or bottle tops: These KILL animals

DOGS: Welcome but on leads please: if you see a yellow or black Lab not on leads: they live here. PLEASE Pick up dog poo and put it in the bins: while I know it is good for the soil, humans get cross if they tread in it!

VEHICLES: Park in the designated CAR PARKS please. NO VEHICLES other than those involved in parades or giving rides are allowed to move on the showground during opening hours.  Moving vehicles must be off site by 09:45am on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Vehicles on site can be moved between 5:30pm – 6:30pm on Friday, Saturday & Sunday and from 5:30pm onwards on Monday.

THE PARK: This is an animal sanctuary. You can take a ride with a guide but PLEASE do NOT try to walk in the Park. The animals may look “cute” but some are perfectly capable of killing you if they have a mind to. Please don’t feed them: we do that. DO NOT throw ANYTHING over the fences. Your Dog will not “run into the park” because it will be on a lead. Remember all camelids stamp on dogs (we have Llama, Guanaco + Alpaca)

NO ALCOHOL to be brought onto the showground: there is plenty here for sale. If you are camping: keep it on the campsite please.

LOST PROPERTY Mark your personal belongings with your name + postcode. We hope you won’t lose anything; but if you do, and it is marked, it can be returned. Please take care of your possessions. Sadly, these events can attract people of evil intent.

FOLLOW INSTRUCTION PLEASE listen to our local Police, to Marshals, our ex-military Security personnel and to Members of the Fawley Museum Society (all labeled) who run our Railway. These people have your safety in mind and if they say “don’t”: DON”T and if they say “please do”: DO IT! We do not have Fat Controllers or Little Hitlers – just nice people who want the event to run smoothly. Anyone causing any form of “aggro” will be told to leave the property immediately and assisted if necessary.

PLEASE consider your neighbours: ESPECIALLY IF CAMPING OR PICNICKING. Don’t make so much noise they can’t hold conversations: don’t encroach on their space: keep dogs and children under control. DO AS YOU WOULD BE DONE BY: PLEASE

WATCH WHERE YOU WALK REMEMBER please that this is farmland: fields and paths are uneven and stony. The Station Yard is VERY uneven and full of RAILS and POINTS: please take care and watch where you are putting your feet. Don’t RUN at the Station! Remember, if you trip, it really IS your fault!

We can’t believe this is necessary (but experience shows that it is):

DO NOT bring onto our land any of the following: Guns, Knives (other than catering equipment: Chefs, take care of yours!), Swords, Fireworks, Stink Bombs (sic)! any type of weapon we haven’t thought of or any DRUGS for which you have no prescription (how polite is that?). ANY animal other than a dog (on a lead) for which you have not obtained permission from us.

Volunteers Wanted

Do you love planes, trains and automobiles?

We’re looking for volunteers to help us at the National Transport Trust Vintage Transport Festival.

You’ll get free entry to the festival where you’ll be able to see amazing exhibits, listen to great music, enjoy delicious food & help us raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Get in touch with us on 

[email protected]

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DIRECTIONS: please only use roads indicated below. Even if you think you know a short cut or a better way, please resist the temptation as it will NOT be quicker.

EXHIBITORS, VIP & BLUE BADGE - please access the Exhibitor entrance via Icehouse Lane

ALL OTHER VEHICLES - General parking and BOOKED camping via Benhams Lane