Terms of Hire

We do want your event to be everything you have hoped for and while we can’t manipulate the weather, we can try to ensure that everything else runs smoothly. We just ask for a little help from you and your suppliers and guests!

Contract: The Contract of Hire shall be between the Hirer [You] and Flying Scotsman Enterprises Ltd. and subject to these conditions of hire.
Period of Hire: The normal rental is for one day’s use only but access will be allowed for preparation and clearing by written agreement with Lady McAlpine.
Care of Property: By signing our contract you undertake to ensure that our property is not damaged and is restored to us in the same condition in which it was hired to you. You will be made aware of any repairs necessary after your use and these will be charged to you in full.

Please be aware of the following:

The Station and Great Eastern No.1 are both “Antiques” as are most of the furnishings in them.

Please ensure that your suppliers and guests appreciate this and treat our property with as much care as they would yours, or their own. (The loo in GE No.1 is NOT connected!)

The Museum, of course, is full of very valuable and irreplaceable artefacts and whilst party guests don’t have access to the main Museum areas, there are still a lot of valuable items in the areas available for events. The “immovable” O-gauge Railway Layout is also fragile.

Naturally, we don’t expect anyone to deliberately damage anything but do please ask suppliers and guests to “look but don’t touch”.

We ask that there are no naked flames used in any of the properties and while we do light the coal fires in the station building if necessary, we like to have one of our own staff on hand to monitor them and prefer to use fire-guards if you have more than a handful of guests: as much for their safety as for that of our wooden building.

“No Smoking” is, obviously the rule in all the buildings. Sand-pots are provided outside for cigarette ends: please ask guests not to just drop them on the floor. This is especially important on the field. Cigarette butts and can-rings can kill grazing animals.

NO LITTER ! We ask that you leave the venue as you found it. Please ask your caterers & bar providers to take rubbish with them and arrange for any further rubbish to be disposed of accordingly. Please also remove all decorations.

All LOOS are cleaned and provided with loo rolls and soap before your arrival. Can you please ensure that they are left in the condition in which you found them. This is particularly pertinent to the loos on Ironhenge Field. We don’t charge for them: they would cost you in excess of £1,000 to hire so if they are left in an unacceptable state we will forward the cleaning bill to you.

ANIMALS: This is an animal sanctuary. PLEASE do NOT try to walk in the Park. The animals may look “cute” but some are perfectly capable of killing you if they have a mind to. It is SO tempting to pop through the gate to talk to the animals. PLEASE DON’T! There are signs to tell your guests this.

As the animals all rut and then produce children at different times of the year, it is easier to err on the side of caution and assume that they will either be rutting (aggressive) or nursing (protective).

Please don’t feed them: we do that. DO NOT throw ANYTHING over the fences. Your Dog will not “run into the park” because it will be on a lead. Remember all camelids stamp on dogs (we have Llama, Guanaco + Alpaca).

IN ANY EMERGENCY : call the usual Emergency Services but also call the house: 01491 571373 and/or Estate Manager: 07802 805893

DOGS : welcome but on leads please: if you see two yellow Labs not on leads: they live here. PLEASE Pick up dog poo and put it in bins.

VEHICLES: Please Park in the designated CAR PARKS. Any vehicles left overnight MUST be parked where they will not impede access to the train shed and museum. One bridegroom left his car in front of the Engine Shed and went on honeymoon.. the following day was a public Steam Day! (Don’t ask!)

NOISE: Our Music License only allows music until 11.00 p.m. However, as this is a private party, we can allow you to carry on until 1.00 a.m. BUT PLEASE keep the noise DOWN after 10.00 p.m. If the other side of the village can hear it: it is too loud.

We have to put in the following but PRAY that none of it will ever be necessary!

Cancellation Insurance – Applicable to all bookings – Your booking is a legally binding contract, and like all contracts you should protect yourself in case things go wrong. Once the deposit is paid you will be liable for the whole rental. It is therefore recommended that any booking should be protected by cancellation insurance.

Cancellation – In the event that You wish to cancel the arrangements prior to the event, the balance will still be due. Upon your notifying Flying Scotsman Enterprises Limited in writing, Flying Scotsman Enterprises Limited will endeavour to re-let the property for the period concerned. If such re-letting can be arranged, the balance, if already paid, will be refunded less a charge for any additional expenses, but the deposit is non-refundable and should be dealt with by your own cancellation insurance provider.

Availability – this Contract is made on the understanding that the property and its facilities as agreed will be available for the date/s stated. In the unlikely event that a property is not available through events arising out of the control of Flying Scotsman Enterprises Limited, then FlyingScotsman Enterprises Limited or the Property Owner reserves the right to cancel the booking. You will be advised of any such circumstances as early as possible, and will be offered alternative dates. If this is not possible, or if the alternative offered is unacceptable to You, then Flying Scotsman Enterprises Limited will refund all monies paid to date in full but You will have no further claim or action against Flying Scotsman Enterprises Limited.

Liability – Flying Scotsman Enterprises Limited’s liability shall not exceed the amount actually paid as rental by You for the property rented. It is an express condition of this Contract that Flying Scotsman Enterprises Limited shall not be held responsible for any accident, loss or damage which may be sustained by You or any, member of your party, or visitor, or their property, however caused while you are the tenant of this property.

We can’t believe this is necessary (but experience shows that it is): DO NOT bring onto our land any of the following: Guns, Knives (other than catering equipment: Chefs, take care of yours!), Swords, Fireworks, Stink Bombs (sic)! any type of weapon we haven’t thought of or any DRUGS for which you have no prescription (how polite is that?). ANY animal other than a dog (on a lead) for which you have not obtained permission from us. (Camels are fine!)

Disclaimer: Use of the property is at your own risk. REMEMBER please that Ironhenge Field is farmland: fields and paths are uneven and stony. Make sure guests, especially children, don’t go too close to the platform edges. The Station Yard is VERY uneven and full of RAILS and POINTS: please take care and watch where you are putting your feet. Don’t RUN at the Station!

Remember, if you trip, it really IS NOT our fault!

IF you have the Train running : please warn your guests that Steam Trains emit SPARKS AND SMUTS. No-one can prevent this…it is the nature of the beast. You may like to suggest that ladies don’t travel in the open wagon as the guard’s van does offer protection. We do have overalls for any of your guests to whom you wish to offer a footplate ride. We also have protective goggles should anyone feel the need.

You might also like to add: DON’T try to get on or off the Gallopers while they are moving! (it happens!)

The Hon. Sir William McAlpine Bt. And The Hon. Lady McAlpine