ANTIQUES at FAWLEY HILL, 1st -3rd June 2018


BOOK! Sorry: but no matter how long you have been coming: if we haven’t got your booking and your money: you haven’t got a pitch. Lady McAlpine is in charge of bookings and doesn’t know everyone. Please book in good time if you know where you want to be. In any case, please book by 1st May 2018. Stands booked after this date may not be listed in the brochure.

Insurance: All Exhibitors must have pubic liability insurance. Please bring proof of this to show us.

Safety: Let common sense prevail – please! All visitors are given a show guide with “house rules” to which their attention is drawn. You will have a copy too. We know YOU are sensible: please ensure that all your staff are too. Make sure that any Heavy or Unstable items are made absolutely safe: no squashed children or invalids please! No sharp points where they may damage anyone who may be a bit wobbly.
During set-up we have forklifts available: to be used only by OUR operators: for whose time we do have to charge. They know what they are doing.

Set-up: from Tuesday, 29th May. However, if coming in early: do please make sure that your tent will be up! Let us know when you want to arrive and we will co-ordinate early arrivals with Bucks Wigwams to ensure that tents go up in the right order. Coffee and snacks will be available from Tuesday with more comprehensive catering from Wednesday evening.

Breakdown: we would like the site clear by the evening of Wednesday 6th June. No catering after Monday 4th.

Security: Gates will be closed from 6.00 p.m. each evening, opening at 9.00 a.m. with gate-keeper/night-time security on site from Wednesday 30th May – Monday 4th June. However, you are responsible for your own stock. We cannot be held responsible for any losses. Our local police will be present a lot of the time (because they enjoy it!)

Power & Water: No power on site (except for loos and showers) If you need it, please bring a small, silent generator and see that it obeys all the rules. There is good borehole water available at several points: 100% pure. tastes delicious. Rebellion’s beer tastes even better, we are told!

Media: There will be roving cameras: so if with someone you should not be with: Hide! If for any reason you don’t want to be interviewed or photographed: please just tell them, politely.

Vehicles: NO vehicle movement on site after 10 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. This is A GENERAL PUBLIC GATHERING H&S RULE. Small children and dogs have been known to have been squashed and old ladies damaged. Nasty!
OK – that said: if collections are to be made: there is a perimeter “track” which can be used at crawling pace. BUT – we would prefer buyers to contact the site office, with a receipt, and site staff can take a suitable vehicle to collect from the dealer and deliver to buyer’s vehicle at the entrance. Please can we try to make this work? DON’T tell buyers they may bring in their car to collect. We saw this happening last year and were not amused.

Exhibitor vehicles: Large trucks which form part of a display: obviously allowed to remain on site. Smaller utility vehicles/vans being used as storage/sleeping : may be parked behind tents but once in, unlikely to be able to get out. There is ample parking and camping space elsewhere on site.
Cars and vans not “locked in” behind tents MUST be removed from the site. It only takes one or two stray cars to make a site look UNsightly.

Vintage and Veteran vehicles: will have their own display area and if you have one: please bring it!

DOGS: we love them. Some may not. We HATE having to say “try to keep them on leads” as they are more antisocial on leads than off. Exhibitors should do what they know to be best for their dog. We will, reluctantly, ask visitors to keep theirs on leads. All are asked to pick up poo.
Water bowls will be all over the place.

CHILDREN: We love ours: but not necessarily everyone else’s. It seems we can’t ask for them to be kept on leads but we do ask parents to keep them under control: this is the best we can do.

RUBBISH: ANYTHING YOU DON’T SELL MUST BE TAKEN AWAY WITH YOU AFTER THE EVENT. This applies to ALL packaging, clothes, people, dogs, children too. (we acquired some interesting stuff after last year’s event!). There ARE bins – but only for visitor’s rubbish. We have asked all caterers to minimize waste too.
ABOVE ALL: very seriously: this is an animal sanctuary. Anything you leave on the ground that is not edible may kill an animal. Cable ties, wire and cigarette ends are LETHAL.

“Elf’nSafety” as said earlier: “let common sense prevail!” The reason for reiterating this is that we are likely to be “inspected” and if the event is to continue, we hope no fault will be found. We are all responsible for ourselves and the effect we have on others.